Our Field of Activity

Our law firm is active in all areas of industrial legal protection at a national and international level and has long-standing connections with selected law chambers in almost all countries that are also active in the area of industrial legal protection. Negotiations in procedures before the European Patent Office or the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market and correspondence with foreign colleagues are also carried out by us in English.

As patent lawyers, we represent the interests of our clients:

  • in matters of the securing, upholding and defending of own legal rights patents, utility patents, design patents, trademarks, etc.)
  • in proceedings against property right third parties through appeal and/or objection, action for declaration of nullity, application for cancellation domestically and abroad
  • in licensing negotiations and the formulation of license agreements
  • with problems in connection with employee inventions
  • in the assessment of property right third parties regarding their extent of protection or possible encroachments by inventions of our clients
  • in detected inventions of third parties that could encroach on the property rights of our clients.